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More About Founder, Scott R. Clewis

Mr. Clewis began his legal career as Law Clerk to the late Hon. William J. Hibbler, U.S. District Court Judge in the Northern District of Illinois. He then worked as an associate and partner at two of Chicago’s largest and most elite personal injury law firms, where he obtained numerous substantial results exceeding $1 million, including a $4.1 million record-breaking jury verdict. For the last 15 years, he has successfully translated big firm experience into a “boutique” approach, where clients are provided more personalized service, more seamless communication, a more meaningful professional relationship with their attorney, and a more aggressive form of advocacy. In his experience, this has resulted in a higher quality of service for clients, and more meaningful results.

Prior to his 22-year career as a trial attorney, Mr. Clewis worked numerous years in private industry and government. He taught high school English to inner city students and ran a learning center for academically challenged students. He served six years as a college and university student affairs professional implementing student development programs and overseeing student conduct matters. He worked several years in government as a senior level executive overseeing staff and operations in the largest juvenile court system in the world serving on committees aimed at improving juvenile justice and child protection. In his teens and early twenties, he worked many years for the Clerk of the Circuit Court performing just about every line job from Court Clerk to File Clerk. He also worked as a union laborer. Proudly, Scott rose through the ranks giving him the texture and depth of experience to excel as a lawyer and represent clients of all backgrounds and needs.

Academically, Scott earned his law degree nights at Chicago-Kent College of Law, while working full-time days. Among his law school accomplishments, he earned the highest grade in the class in Legal Negotiations; was a semi-finalist in the law school appellate advocacy competition featuring every law student; was named to the Dean’s List for Academic Achievement; and graduated a 4-year program in 3.5 years while working full-time. Mr. Clewis focused his elective work primarily in trial advocacy and advanced evidence. In addition to earning a law degree, Scott holds a Master’s degree in Applied Positive Psychology from University of Pennsylvania; Higher Education Teaching Certificate from Harvard University; Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Speech Communication from University of Illinois at Urbana; and he completed all coursework in the Master of Arts Program in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies at Loyola University Chicago. Mr. Clewis is also proficient in conversational Spanish.

In addition to his legal expertise, Mr. Clewis is an international expert in the science of psychological resilience. He is invited globally to deliver lectures and presentations helping students, businesses, and high-stress professionals overcome adversity and increase their chances of success. “Helping people overcome obstacles and challenges, and helping them pave a path to success, gives me tremendous gratification, and it makes me a better, more thoughtful lawyer.”

Mr. Clewis is a life-long Chicagoan, born and raised in the Jefferson Park neighborhood. He is exceptionally proud to represent clients and make a meaningful difference in their lives. When asked about his love for the law, Scott said: “In high school and college, I always worked part time or full-time nights for the Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County. I loved being in the courtroom interacting with judges and lawyers. I dreamed of representing my own clients, fighting aggressively for their rights, and winning their cases. Fulfilling that dream has been the thrill of a lifetime.”

About Of Counsel, Marc Levin, JD, MD

Marc Levin, MD, JD, serves as Of Counsel to Clewis & Associates, P.C. Dr. Levin is a Board- Certified Physician and Surgeon, as well as an attorney licensed to practice law in Illinois. He has over 40 years of medical experience, and 20-years of legal expertise. When called upon, Dr. Levin provides an objective and unbiased assessment of medical-legal matters. He exercises the highest degree of ethical standards. At Clewis Law PC, we are committed to pursuing only meritorious actions. It is not only our ethical and legal obligation, but it is an extraordinarily important part of our firm philosophy. We are proud to practice law with the highest degree of honor and integrity, and Dr. Levin’s “objectivity” defines our practice philosophy. In addition to Dr. Levin’s expertise, Clewis Law P.C. has an established network of experts in all areas of science, technology, medicine, and nursing who assist in the objective review and evaluation of potential cases.

About Legal Assistant, Dawn Brown

Dawn Brown has been associated with the firm since 2009 as a legal assistant and has performed brilliantly. Ms. Brown assumes a range of responsibilities including case management, client relations, paralegal work, and office operations. She is an exceptionally valuable and likeable member of our team and routinely receives positive reviews from clients. She is often the first point of contact for clients and prospective clients, and a wealth of knowledge and information. In addition to her role as a legal assistant/consultant, Ms. Brown assists with many of the firm’s marketing activities.