Client Testimonials

I was seriously injured by a factory machine at work. Scott was amazingly aggressive, detailed, and conscientious. Through persistence, he proved the factory machine was unreasonably dangerous. The outcome absolutely changed my life in so many positive ways.

Luis D.
Defectively Designed Machine Case, Substantial Orthopedic Injuries & Severe Burns

The moment I met him, I knew Scott was the lawyer for us. Professional, aggressive, confident, courteous, and meticulous. I couldn’t believe how hard he fought to win the case. We were so impressed by his skill and work ethic, and couldn’t be happier with the result. My wife and I always say that in someone else’s hands, we would have been lucky to get a quarter of that amount.”

Mike S.
Trucking Accident, Traumatic Head Injury

When our journey ended professionally, Scott became a family friend. He is truly that rare attorney, so passionate about his work, and so aggressive when battling the opponent. He also showed such a sensitive side and really related to our loss. He was remarkable to watch.

Grace L.
Medical Malpractice, Wrongful Death Case, Daughter of Decedent

Three words describe Scott: dignified, aggressive, determined. After watching him work for two years, he is the first person I’d call when in need, and the last person I’d ever hope to face in a courtroom.

Bill S.
Fall on Dangerous Property, Son of Injured Elderly Victim

The professionalism that I encountered was amazing. His firm handled everything. Scott was so diligent in following-up and pushed so hard to resolve my case. I hired him because he came so highly recommended, but he still surpassed my highest expectations.

Bruce. M
Animal Control Act Case, Severe Facial Scarring from Dog Bite.

A car collided with my motorcycle, and I was being blamed. Scott never gave up on my case and won the maximum amount of the policy limits. I strongly recommend him to anyone looking for a professional with unmatched skill, class, and precision.

Robert G.
Motorcycle Collision, Orthopedic Injury